we have something to celebrate

07.04.2007 the day of our wedding. Time flies by and today we are jubilating our wooden anniversary. From here on we will go straight to diamond in 55 years. Oh my beau, how I have met my soulmate, my partner in life. 

I was not dressed like a typical bride. A wide white dress would completely consume me and it would not fit my fashion identity. But this Dior dress caught my eye right away, love at first sight. The golden flowers were glistering and evoking the magpie in me. Besides that, the cut was absolutely right for my petite body. And how about some fake flower bracelets? See, completely in sync with plastic fantastic. A plastic wedding bouquet versus a Dior dress, I think this is how John Galliano pictured it!  PS those flowers were the only fake elements that day. 

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